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EBS Marriage Counseling with Tigist and Chere Must Watch

Amazing marriage counseling from EBS Saturday afternoon show with well known marriage counselor psychologists Tigist Waltanegus and invited guest who share his life Chere who also a Marriage consultant. Weekly betoch Tv  sitcom drama aired yesterday and as ususual it points different issues mainly workers inconstruction site.After season break suspenseful and adorable TV drama called ‘derso mels‘ is back to air on Fana TV. The show scheduled as previous time every Thursday night at 09:00 PM. The second part of Eshetu Melese narrated the amazing nature of our world. In this video, you can find different kinds of facts about our plane nature. This week with a new Episode of Betoch drama on the ETV Entertainment channel the show points out different social and economic life of the society. The show mainly discusses the education program currently streamed on TV since schools are closed due to COVI19 all over the country. A well-known TV program on EBS called Saturday afternoon with us is lost its original hosts both Walelegn and Selam with unknown reasons. But on this video Walalegna and Selam exposed why they are resigned from the show. This week, April 28, 2020, best Instagram photos of Ethiopian celebrity from musician to actress. In this photo, we have collected their amazing photo from their official Instagram account and confidently photos are verified as original. A young musician veronica Adane just dropped a new video about covid19.Amazing live show on EBS TV Sunday program by inviting singer Ephrem Amare. On Ethio Fm 107.8 radio Seifu Fantahun interviews gospel singer Sophia Shibabaw on last week’s new video about peace and respect titles as ‘Ye Selam Sewu Negn‘ which creates controversy among different religious groups because Sophia is a protestant follower and others like Bety G and co are orthodox followers. Amazing Daniel Tegegn As expected this week comedian Eshetu surprises his audience with inviting known artists in the Ethiopian cinema industry. well-respected singers gathered for an amazing music video in the Ethiopian music industry Hamelmal Abate dropped a new single video clip on Youtube. The clip depicts her confusion to live again on unexpected times since her selected Hot and amazing Ethiopian actress photo of the week. In this gallery, an attractive and respected actress of Ethiopian movie and drama are included. Eshetu Melese is a young and energetic comedian who greatly play on stage without creating any boring time for his audience. Currently, he is praised as a new Dereje and Habte; where the Ethiopian comedy industry paralyzed for a long time after those stars. As he said on one interview his career begins with a radio program host commonly known radio drama called Yegna; a radio program funded by the UK and other sponsors focus on Ethiopian girls. After mass gathering banned by the Ethiopian government to tackle the spread of COVID19 Eshetu started to broadcast his comedy from home on his Youtube channel under series called ‘Eshe ke betu ‘. An amazing music cover from Geni with the top 90s music. There is a task force chaired by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D.) who has different stakeholders including the Health Minister. Mainly, the source of the case is the people who came from abroad that’s why all are asking Ethiopian Airlines to close its flights and airports. After a long wait and late decision the Prime Minister decides to cut off the flight from 30 countries; even though those countries are not mentioned.

Ethiopian Unity Park

A new Palace park constructed by current Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, which developed under eighteen months by UAE contractor. This new park commonly called Unity Park is attracting many tourists in and outside Ethiopia. To witness how much tourists were gathered anybody can visit around the Palace area on Saturday and Sunday. The entrance fee for a single person is 200 Birr and there are guidelines brochure inside.  The park has plenty of symbols for all Ethiopians nations and nationalities to see themselves in it. Most interesting is the cave built in the park which looks marvelous. Currently, since most of society stays home due to the coronavirus there is no dedicated online cinema stream for Ethiopian like other world people do. Chere mentioned he has married twenty-five years ago and has five children so far.

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