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EBS on Sunday Enetewawekalen Wey June 28, 2020

EBS on Sunday Enetewawekalen Wey June 28, 2020, wife said she does not trust her husband he is late at night for any reason. The road from Meskel square to bole airport road recently encounters repeatedly traffic accidents. Most of the time the reason is drinking and drive-in night. Ethiopian government starts home-based education using television stations for students. Since NEW DISEASE halts the day to day activities of the society, one of the affected areas is the learning process; so the government decides to give in online and TV broadcast for different levels of school.

A new Virus in Ethiopia

Due to NEW DISEASE part of Ethiopian regions declared region-wide lockdown mainly by banning in and out of transport. Currently, coronavirus commonly known by it is the scientific name given by WHO as COVI-19 is spreading in Ethiopia with reaching nine people in the first week of the first case. There is a task force chaired by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D.) who has different stakeholders including the Health Minister. Mainly, the source of the case is the people who came from abroad that’s why all are asking Ethiopian Airlines to close it flights and airports. After a long wait and late decision the Prime Minister decides to cut off the flight from 30 countries; even though those countries are not mentioned. 

Ethiopian Unity Park

A new Palace park constructed by current Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, which developed under eighteen months by UAE contractor. This new park commonly called Unity Park is attracting many tourists in and outside Ethiopia. To witness how much tourists were gathered anybody can visit around Palace area on Saturday and Sunday. The entrance fee for single person is 200 Birr and there is guidelines brochure inside.  The park has plenty of symbols for all Ethiopians nations and nationalities to see them selves in it. Most of interesting is the cave built in the park which looks marvelous. 

Car Parking problem in Addis Ababa This day there is an emerging concern for car owner in Addis, capital city of Ethiopia as the parking space is not available as needed. The tricky thing is that total cars in the city is not more than 15% of total population. The main reason for the problem is an absence of good master plan design and implementation of existing master plan; plus, the constructed road is fulfilling standard basics and not consider future growth of the number of cars and population. Due to this case, when owners park their cars far from their office location, they are vulnerable to car breakers and robbers; which become common in the city this day.

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