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Ethiopian Coffee and National Team striker Abubakar Nasser

ላስቲክ ቤታችን መብራት ለ8 አመት አልነበራትም ..ድህነትን በእግር ኳስ እያሸነፈ ያለው የኢትዮጵያ ቡናና ብሄራዊ ቡድን አጥቂ አንበሳው አቡበከር ናስር

Ethiopian Coffee and National Team striker Abubakar Nasser. Gemechu, who was appointed in June 2012, has worked with three prime ministers during his tenure. The Office of the Federal Auditor General, headed by Gemechu, has been scrutinizing the financial management, accounting, fundraising, and expenditure of Ethiopian government institutions to the House of Representatives.

In the reports submitted by the Auditor General to Parliament: Unlawful payments, purchases that do not follow the rules of the institution; They exposed unresolved arrears and accounting errors. In addition, they have reported that their office has received overpaid and unpaid work tax due to audits by each institution. Gemechu, 56, holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Addis Ababa University and later a degree in Financial Management from the University of California, Glasgow.

Prior to his appointment as the Director-General of the Office of the Federal Auditor General; He has worked in the Oromia Credit and Savings Company, the Oromia Regional Trade Bureau, the Audit and Inspection Bureau, and the Oromia Regional State Bureau of Labor and Urban Development.

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