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Seifu on EBS | Special holiday interview with Tamagne Beyene

Seifu and Tamagne Beyene
* የትንሳኤ በአል ጨዋታ ከአርቲስት ና አክቲቪስት ታማኝ በየነ ጋር ለ25 አመት ያላገኘውን ሰው ሲያይ ምን ተፈጠረ ? ስለ ታማኝ ያልተሰሙ ነገሮች

Seifu on EBS Special holiday interview with Tamagne Beyene. Tariku Gankisi – Dishtagina – Conversation with Seifu on EBS. Ethiopia actress Melat Tesfaye Betoch drama surprised. Hayat Nasser and Tinait Taye, who have hundreds of thousands of followers on Tiktok, focus on fun and ‘simple’ issues. This year, she graduated from Addis Ababa University with a degree in construction management and began studying in interior design. Hayat is a third year computer science student at Hawassa University. Dances, sounds from different videos, lip-sync, emotions, and similar content are the content of the most popular videos.

By the way – this is the experience around the world. Consumers seem to be ‘relaxed’ but do not seem to care much about such strong issues as politics.
The Infolotion Making Hub website lists 21 videos, including some of Tick Talk’s most popular works. Amazing pets, artwork from various materials, fruit cuts, various scientific experiments, tutorial / teaching videos, humorous activities provided by the app, daily animations and similar videos have become popular among Tiktok users.

Another website, ‘Business of App’, suggests that fun and humorous content is more popular on Tiktok than any other social media. Users share 36% of their share of funny videos on Facebook, 42% on Instagram and 48% on Tiktok. “The content on Tiktok is entertainment,” she said. “After a while, there are political issues.

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