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Henok Dinku | speaks about Melat I hated going out of my room

Henok Dinku
እሷ ባለመኖርዋ ከክፍሌ ሁሉ መውጣት አስጠልቶኝ ነበር ...

Henok Dinku and Rakeb Alemayehu discuss about relationship with Melat I hated going out of my room. Rakeb Alemayehu Dubai Market visit. She talks about the vision board for future plans how it differs from the usual writing plan. In this week’s Tuesday episode she presents the love story of an unfaithful couple. its challenge on the way. In this episode, she meets one volunteer who helped a needy community and talks about the good deed of helping each other.

As usual, she has a Monday motivation program for good behavioral and encouraging advice for her audience. In this video, she tries to make awareness of being great-full and thankful. For example, we were awake every morning we need to say Amen-thank you. Why we always try to see our defect or negative side around us, we need to see the little good and positive thing and say Amen-thank you. She also made her point about how Money can’t buy everything so that we need to be grateful for what we have.

Today she picks title about motivations under the motto of Greetings Happy Monday, it will be gone a bright week for all of us, and I’m starting to take action to let’s go together. In this Week episode of Rakeb Alemayehu Show, she talked about father’s day and mainly how her father’s helped her in professional success. Mainly, she revealed in this episode her father encourages her to read and know much from books and movies.

Rakeb Alemayehu interviews her father Ato Alemayehu Meshesha on this father’s day. In front of the audience, she gets emotional and expresses her war and unreserved love for her father. In this show, she tries to discuss different kinds of social and economic issues.

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