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Ethiopia Kepiassa Bole New Ethiopian Movie 2021


Ethiopia Kepiassa Bole New Ethiopian Movie 2021. Dawit Tsige surprises journalist Dereje Haile. Musician Dawit on stage performance Five Ethiopians, students of Tianjin University of Technology and Orientation, won gold, silver, and bronze medals in a robot race in Beijing, China. Selam Isaac, Abakuma Getachew, Tsegaye Alemu, Yohannes H / Meskel, and Enoch Seifu from Ethiopia participated in the competition.

Selam Isaac, Gold, Abakuma Getachew, and Tsegaye Alemu won silver medals in the competition. Yohannes H. Meskel and Enoch Seifu also won bronze medals and trophies. Speaking to the BBC, gold medalist Selamu Isaac described the competition in which Ethiopians competed in Tri-Co Robots and Robot Applications.

The race is three hours. In these hours, the race is to prepare the robots for ‘sowing’ life and fulfilling their mission by assembling isolated and intangible bodies. Selam Isaac, who is pursuing his master’s degree in the competition in Beijing, China, won the gold medal in one hour and 53 minutes.

The competition, which was held a few days ago, was attended by 2,000 contestants from 20 universities, research and business institutions. Robot and artificial intelligence competition, part of the 2015 International Robot Conference, will be held in four sectors.

Selam, who is studying at Tianjin University in Tianjin Province, China, competed in the seventh edition of this year’s competition in the field of industrial robotics and is one of the Ethiopians who participated in other fields. The peaceful competition is about “unleashing” and assembling a complete robot without a computer program.

The race is to put everything in the right place and make sure the [robot] is working. Installing software on each robot is another part of the competition. “Coincidentally, I competed with the Chinese….” “The robot has been tested to see if it works perfectly, how to move objects from place to place, how it moves as instructed. This is exactly what we did.”

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