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Sayat Demissie Drama Eregnaye Season 3 Part 11

እረኛዬ ምዕራፍ 3 ክፍል 12 - Eregnaye Season 3 Ep 12 @Arts Tv World

After one month’s break, season three of Ergnaye drama on ARts TV started Sayat Demissie Drama Eregnaye Season 3 Part 12. Sayat Demissie Drama Eregnaye Part 5. A new drama series show started on ARTS Tv three times every week Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night at 09:00 PM. This week Ethiopian Comedy Series Drama returned with the new Episode every three days.

This episode is labeled as werku-te Gold which is translated into more dirty. In this episode, as usual, the show entertains and educate the society on various social affairs like the economy, political and others. The reason the show waited eagerly by its audience is they can create a story based on country hot agenda.

The northern (Shewa,wello, Gonder)  Ethiopian traditional/folkloric music comes in 4 genres Ambassl, Batti, Tizita, AnchiHoye, and many popular Amharic songs are based on this scale Amharic being the national language  But every region has its own supper rich traditional songs and dances the road from Meskel square to bole airport road recently encounters repeatedly traffic accidents.

Most of the time the reason is drinking and drive-in at night. The Ethiopian government starts home-based education using television stations for students. Since NEW DISEASE halts the day-to-day activities of the society, one of the affected areas is the learning process; so the government decides to give in online and TV broadcasts for different levels of school.

Recently, the Ethiopian government committed to putting a high rate of tax on imported used cars. This decision was announced when a new draft of the tax proclamation law was announced by the Revenue Commission.  This new law puts the rate of excise tax as high as four hundred percent; which is the government infrastructure tax rate than international taxes imposed on imported goods. Mainly, this tax law target alcohol, tobacco, and used cars. Due to this, it is impossible for car importers to bring used cars, especially those above seven years.

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