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Lij Michael Ft Addisalem Getaneh New Music 2022

A new music video by Lij Michael Ft Addisalem Getaneh New Music 2022. Seifu on EBS a tragic story from shewarobit. On Seifu on EBS show Artist Meseret Mebrate confirmed she is pregnant of four-month from her husband. Ethiopian Movie Yalagebaw 2 Full Amharic Movie 2022. Ethiopian Amharic Movie Balen Sechign 2021. Singer Abdu Kiar’s shocking happened to him. Lina interview Abrhot Entertainment.

Breaking News actress Mahder Assefa gives birth today. Ethiopian Patriots Eshete Moges & his son Yitagesu. Tragedy story of Ethiopian musician death. Mastewal Wendesen Birthday Party 2021. Kana drama Yaltabese Enba Episode 37. Everyday night Kana Television Yaltabese Emba TV series drama. Bezawit Kuma Ergnaye drama Ayale husband speaks. Dawit Tsige Anchin Beye New Ethiopian Single 2021.

Netsanet Workneh interview with Maya Media. A well-respected musician Zeritu Kebede Tinur Ethiopia – Official Lyric Video. Late-night show host on EBS TV Seifu Fantahun historic wedding ceremony. Musician Meron Teshome’s current tragic life. Addisalem Getaneh finally revealed her secret. Meseret Mebrate Araya sew award speech.

Maya interview with Frehiwot Tamrat. Hulum Yagebal Full Amharic Movie 2021.Actress Maramawit Abate’s untold story. Seifu On EBS interview with Comedia Asefa Tegegn. Ethiopia Zetenegnaw Shi sitcom drama Part 100. Weekly Ethiopia Zetenegnaw Shi sitcom drama aired on Sunday. The sitcom is based on one average income family that has four members, two girls, and two boys. The name characters are Birahnu(Dad), Redu(Older daughter), Huro(Young daughter), Qibewu(Older son), and Abu(younger son).

All of the children have their own background education and profession which they struggle to get jobs. As his promoter told BBC Amharic news there were 150,000 fans of Tedy Afro gathered in historic Meskel Square. And Addis Ababa police commission also confirmed on its Facebook page all things completed peacefully and praise the city habitat for their support towards the servicemen.

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