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 kena lib full Ethiopian Movie 2022

ቀና ልብ kena lib full Ethiopian Movie 2022

 kena lib full Ethiopian Movie 2022Ethiopian best hair growth oil home made. Life of Abel Trip to Lagos Nigeria. The President of the Ethiopian Athletics Federation, Commander Derartu Tulu, on Wednesday, called on the federal government and Tigray forces to bring peace to the athletes who participated in the awards ceremony held in Belgrade.

Derartu Tulu appealed to the winners of the 18th World Indoor Athletics Championships to give Ethiopia the upper hand in the tournament.

Tigray is also Ethiopia. Today it is Ethiopia. Tomorrow is Ethiopia. Please our leaders: Please: Unify, not hurt, and unite Ethiopia. I can do this with the Creator, ”Derartu called.

“The mothers and fathers of Tigray are our mothers and fathers. Tomorrow is another day. Ethiopia will be reconciled and united,” Commander Derartu said in an emotional speech.
He noted that the athletes who excelled in the competition were in a difficult situation due to the war in northern Ethiopia. “Don’t be discouraged. Tomorrow is another day. Thank you so much for raising the Ethiopian flag,” said Commander Derartu.

March 9-11, 2014 Ethiopian athletes have won the 18th World Athletics Championships in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

Ethiopia finished first with four gold, three silver, and two bronze medals at home. Huluf Yedegom, a female athlete from Tigray, conveyed the same message at the forum.

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