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Actress Nitsu haile from Betoch Drama on Kaleb Show

የቤቶች ተዋናይት ንጹህ/ሻሼ በእንባ ታጠበች "ጧት አውርተህ ከሰዐት ሞት መስማት ከባድ ነዉ"

Actress Nitsu Haile from Betoch Drama It’s hard to hear someone see in the morning and die in the afternoon. Teddy Afro and his family Easter celebration 2022. Model Helen Teklay and Amanuel got a baby boy. Journalist Nafkot Tigistu her son birthday program. Tomorrow is the longest young man of all time.

He said that he had not yet been able to match his height. Later, an adult from the Awi Zone of the Amhara region, said, ‘There is nothing better than me’ in height.

Gash Berhe said in an interview with our media that his height was 2 meters by 50 centimeters. The young man explained that he was 2 meters by 25 centimeters tall.

Tomorrow and Gash Berhe met in person recently. Meeting the two tallest people in person has long been a hot topic on social media.

What did you and Gash Berhe say when they met? He told the: It’s a pleasure to meet a man who will adjust my height a few weeks ago.

On the first Monday of the week, she fulfilled her desire for tomorrow. People working on YouTube called Addis Ababa for Berhe’s interview. Why didn’t you meet me when he came to Addis Ababa.

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